Victory Bolt provides bolts for 54.6kW QuadPod™ solar canopy in Sturgis, SD

The newly constructed 54.6kW QuadPod™ solar canopy in Sturgis, SD will keep visitors to the 78th Annual Sturgis®

Motorcycle Rally™ cool next month at the Harley-Davidson Rally Point Plaza. The plaza is used as a central gathering place during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and for numerous public events during the year. Interconnection Systems, Inc. completed the system in just 5 days in June, and the power generated by the system will offset energy used by the building that house the Sturgis Public Library and City Hall.

Liz Wunderlich, P.E., City Engineer for Sturgis, had this to say about the construction and the system, “The Harley-Davidson Rally Point is an extremely important public space for the City of Sturgis. Both Quest and ISI did a marvelous job incorporating the new black powder coated canopy into the aesthetic aspect of the Plaza, and were respectful of property, events and of residents. Construction even took a break while the city had a parade going by during fabrication. I am definitely pleased with ISI, Quest and the finished canopy.”

The 54.6kW system features the QuadPod™ solar canopy from Quest Renewables. 90% of QuadPod’s construction takes place on the ground, making construction three times faster. After on-the-ground assembly, panel placement, inverter mounting, wiring and lighting, the canopy units are lifted by crane for final attachment, minimizing overhead work and optimizing worksite safety.

The project was featured in Solar BuilderSolar Power World and Solar Professional magazines.

Source: Quest Renewables

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