Non-ferrous fasteners of all types are our specialty. We have worked hard over the years to create solutions that improve the fasteners used by our customers that ensure their products have long lives with no corrosion for years to come. For example, Eagle Shield™ is our "chrome over" process that is second to none in beauty and corrosion resistance. We also supply type 316 stainless steel, brass, aluminum and silicon bronze.

Come to us for your cable ties, hose clamps, driver bits, cutting tools, or safety equipment. Anything used in your facility as a consumable or a non-consumable item, Victory can provide it!

Victory Bolt & Specialty has always provided a superior chrome-over-stainless product. We are proud to offer Eagle Shield™, a unique development in plating technology that offers decorative chrome performance and appearance with less expense to our customers. Eagle Shield™ offers a non-tarnishing finish that provides superior salt spray performance compared to decorative hexavalent chrome plating solutions. Eagle Shield™ provides superior corrosion resistance to 316 stainless steel fasteners due to free iron transfer rusting. Eagle Shield™ has a bright white color and has a consistent color and corrosion protections for each and every lot produced.

  • Less expensive than 316 stainless steel
  • Superior corrosion resistance - stops warranty claims
  • Bright and clear consistent finish
  • Environmentally friendly - fume-free and easy to waste treat
  • Never flakes or peels
  • Domestically produced in Rack and Barrel applications
  • Available from stock in tapping/machine screws, nuts, washers, and hex heads

Let Victory Bolt & Specialty improve your products by using Eagle Shield™ 
Better Product with Less Expense

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