Eagle Shield

Victory Bolt & Specialty has always provided a superior chrome-over-stainless product. We are proud to offer Eagle Shield ™, a unique development in plating technology that offers decorative chrome performance and appearance with less expense to our customers. Eagle Shield™ offers a non-tarnishing finish that provides superior salt spray performance compared to decorative hexavalent chrome plating solutions. Eagle Shield™ provides superior corrosion resistance to 316 stainless steel fasteners due to free iron transfer rusting. Eagle Shield™ has a bright white color and has a consistent color and corrosion protections for each and every lot produced.

Eagle Shield Fasteners

  • Less expensive than 316 stainless steel
  • Superior corrosion resistance - stops warranty claims
  • Bright and clear consistent finish
  • Environmentally friendly - fume-free and easy to waste treat
  • Never flakes or peels
  • Adds lubricity to prevent seizing
  • Domestically produced in Rack and Barrel applications
  • Available from stock in tapping/machine screws, nuts, washers, and hex heads

Eagle Shield™ Crush Comparison
Eagle Shield (chrome over) versus 316 Stainless Steel

Let Victory Bolt & Specialty improve your products by using Eagle Shield™
Better Product with Less Expense