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Thread galling is a common, yet seldom understood problem with threaded fasteners. Galling, often referred to as a cold-welding process, can occur when the surfaces of male and female threads are placed under heavy pressure. The frustrating aspect of fastener galling is that galled nuts and bolts may pass all required inspections (threads, material, mechanical, etc.), yet they still fail to function together.

One solution is to use pre-applied anti-seize products. These are dry film lubricants designed to prevent galling and seizing of metal fasteners. Completely inert, they are safe to handle and will not migrate like User-Applied materials.

Pre-applying on your high volume parts will save time and frustration.

Are you in the utility or marine sectors?

Anti-seize is the answer to stainless-to-stainless steel galling.
Ask your Victory Bolt rep about pre-applied and field applied application options.

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