Eagle Shield Coating

Victory Bolt & Specialty has always provided a superior chrome-over-stainless product. We are proud to offer Eagle Shield™, a unique development in plating technology that offers decorative chrome performance and appearance with less expense to our customers. Eagle Shield™ offers a non-tarnishing finish that provides superior salt spray performance compared to decorative hexavalent chrome plating solutions. Eagle Shield™ provides superior corrosion resistance to 316 stainless steel fasteners due to free iron transfer rusting. Eagle Shield™ has a bright white color and has a consistent color and corrosion protections for each and every lot produced.




Black Oxide

Black oxide or blackening is a conversion coating for ferrous materials, stainless steel, copper and copper based alloys, zinc, powdered metals, and silver solder. It is used to add mild corrosion resistance, for appearance and to minimize light reflection. To achieve maximal corrosion resistance the black oxide must be impregnated with oil or wax. One of its advantages over other coatings is its minimal buildup



The passivation process returns the stainless steel or other metals back to its original specifications by removing unwanted debris and oils from the surface and then submerging the part into a passivating bath. When a part is machined, various particles can permeate the surface of the base metal, weakening it’s resistance to corrosion and making the part more susceptible to environmental factors. Debris, dirt and other particles and residue such as free iron, grease and machining oils all affect the strength of the natural surface and can become embedded in the surface during the machining process. These often go unseen to the human eye and are often the cause of the deterioration. 


Zinc Plated

Zinc Plated Alloy Steel is a common material that fasteners are manufactured in. Zinc plating creates corrosion resistance and gives the bolts a shiny finish. Zinc plated alloy steel is most often available in Grade A, Grade C, Grade 2, Grade 5 and Grade 8.




Teflon Coated

Teflon coated fasteners, sometimes referred to as xylan coated fasteners, are a fluropolymer coating that offers a 2200 hour resistance to corrosion. Teflon coated fasteners are viewed by many engineers as a cost effective method of keeping corrosion under control, while not substituting for weaker alloys such as stainless steel.


Hot Dip Galvanized

Galvanizing is coating involving the application of a layer of zinc. Hot dipped galvanizing puts the thickest possible coating on the metal resulting in superior corrosion resistance. Due to the thickness of the coating hot dipped galvanized bolts are not compatible with other nuts. Galvanized nuts are tapped slightly larger than other nuts to accommodate this coating.